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At Gustafson Chiropractic we understand how important staying healthy, active and in-shape is and our goal is to keep you doing what you love.

Patients come to us for a variety of reasons: back pain, headaches, extremity pain caused from a car accident, repetitive strain, the aging process, sports injury, sore knees, shoulders pain or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Many patients are here simply to stay healthy and well. Our goal is to get you back to doing what is important without pain and quickly. You will be back to walking your dog, working in your garden, enjoying your pregnancy, playing with your children or back to your normal workout routine before you know it.
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Dr. Joe Gustafson
No individuals, including those under our active care, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnosis or self-treat any health-related condition. Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by the doctor or other licensed health care professional.
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