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Dr. Joe Gustafson
Dr. Joe Gustafson is one of few chiropractors in the Kansas City area to utilize the soft tissue Graston Technique to treat chronic and acute conditions such as cervical sprain/strain, tendonitis, Lumbar sprain/strain, “back pain”, shoulder impingement, “frozen shoulder”, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis,  Lateral epicondylitis, “tennis elbow”, carpal tunnel syndrome, “wrist pain”,  shin splints and Scar Tissue.

We are pleased to provide patients with an innovative and proven approach to the diagnosis and treatment of connective soft tissue injuries - Graston Technique
The technique is performed with patented stainless-steel instruments designed to detect and treat soft-tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation in order to reduce pain and restore function.
    When connective tissue, such as muscle, ligaments or tendons become restricted or scarred, it can result in pain, tenderness, loss of flexibility and motion. It is not unusual to find a restriction in one part of the body that produces pain and dysfunction in another area, commonly known as the knietic chain.
    Hospitals, clinics, professional and university sports teams as well as industry rely on Graston Technique for the treatment of injuries.

Am I a candidate for the Graston Technique?
• Many repetitive stress or chronic injuries such as rotator cuff tendinitis, carpal tunnel, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow respond to the Graston Technique within just a few treatments.

•The Graston Technique has been shown to speed the pain reduction and improved function of acute and traumatic injuries including sprains and strains.

The Graston Technique benefits the patient by:
• Decreasing the overall time of treatment
• Fosters faster rehabilitation and recovery
• Reducing the need for anti-inflammatory medication
• Resolving chronic conditions thought to be permanent
• Continuing to engage in everyday activities

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